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What Contributes to Air Conditioning Efficiency Loss?

We probably don’t even need to tell you this, but summer is officially here! Temperatures are only going to rise even further in the coming months, and when they do you’ll want to make sure your air conditioner is working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Be sure to pay attention to your utility bills. If you notice a rise in costs compared to what you paid last year, or even what your neighbors are paying for comparable use, then your air conditioner could definitely be losing some of its energy efficiency. Continue reading

How Can You Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner?

It is the official start of summer, and as such your air conditioning system is going to be doing more and more work as the season progresses. Naturally, this will result in higher electrical bills. However, you bills don’t need to be that high.

If you follow some of the steps below, you may be able to drastically increase how efficiently your AC uses energy. As a result, you can save money and help your air conditioning system work longer. Continue reading

What Are the Advantages of a Zone Control Cooling System?

When you live in an area such as ours, you know how important it is to have an efficiently working air conditioner during the summer. As this warm season quickly approaches, it’s time to consider if your central air conditioning system needs a little help making your indoor environment as comfortable as possible.

One setback of using central AC is that it delivers cooling to your entire living space without exception. This means unoccupied rooms in your home receive wasted, conditioned air. Central cooling systems can be pretty wasteful if you can’t control the rooms that receive conditioned air. The good new is that you can, with a zone control system. Continue reading

Buying a New AC: Why Efficiency Matters

Indiana homeowners know all too well that when summer hits, the heat and humidity is nothing to contend with, especially without a properly functioning air conditioner. If you are considering replacing an old and outdated air conditioner, it’s best to do it now before the heat really kicks in.

Among the various factors you should consider when replacing your air conditioner is the new system’s efficiency level, measured by a SEER rating. The higher this rating is, the more the system does with less—always an important factor to keep in mind. But what exactly does that mean? We’ve delved a little deeper into SEER ratings below Continue reading