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Should You Have an Air Purifier Installed?

Your HVAC system comes with an air filter. Do you know its purpose? If you think it is to protect your indoor air quality, you’re only partially right. The primary function of this air filter is actually to protect the inside components of your HVAC system from dirt, debris, and other particles that can impact the performance of your system.

An electronic whole-house air purifier is what you should use if you truly want to improve and protect the quality of your indoor air. Keep reading to learn more about why we strongly recommend this indoor air quality product. Continue reading

Why Annual Heat Pump Maintenance Is Not Enough

We all know how hot and stuffy our summers can get, and in fact that’s probably what we think about for most of the year. But even if we don’t have a rough winter, our homes do get cold this time of year, and you’ll want a fully functioning heating system to keep you warm. Heat pump systems are a great choice for homeowners throughout Schererville, providing reliable cooling in the summer and warmth during the winter. Continue reading

Do You Cover Your Air Conditioner Each Winter?

As the heating season quickly approaches, it’s time to begin thinking about furnaces, boilers, etc. If you haven’t already scheduled heater maintenance this year, now is the time to do so! But this doesn’t mean you should forget about your air conditioner all together as the cooler temperatures hit. After all, you want your AC to be in good shape when spring rolls around again.

There are companies out there that claim that wrapping your air conditioner when it’s not in use if incredibly important, while others say it can actually damage the system. In the long run, it comes down to where your home is located and the conditions of your environment. But we recommend some sort of protection over your condenser—it’s a good idea as long as you do it correctly. Continue reading

What Happens During a Heating Maintenance Appointment?

As we discussed just last week, the time has come to begin thinking about having your heating system maintained. Though the weather may not be cool just yet, it’s only a matter of time before you realize that the nights have gotten chillier. Hopefully at that point you’ll be confident that your heating system is up to its job. But if you aren’t, then now is the time to schedule heating maintenance.

But what actually goes on during this visit? Any HVAC service provider will tell you that heating maintenance can save you money over the course of the year, but where’s the proof? We’ve shared below some of the steps that our technicians go through when conducting heating maintenance, to help you understand why and how this service saves you money. Continue reading

Deciding Whether You Need a New Air Conditioner

Most air conditioners today are manufactured to last 10-20 years, as long as they are professionally installed and well-maintained throughout their lifespan. However, every air conditioner has it limit, and at some point yours will wear down to the point that you have to replace it.

How do you know when you’ve reached this point though? Are there certain signs that it’s time to have your system replaced before the current one breaks down altogether? The good news is that yes, there is. You shouldn’t have to worry about having your AC system break down on you suddenly right in the middle of summer. Continue reading

What Contributes to Air Conditioning Efficiency Loss?

We probably don’t even need to tell you this, but summer is officially here! Temperatures are only going to rise even further in the coming months, and when they do you’ll want to make sure your air conditioner is working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Be sure to pay attention to your utility bills. If you notice a rise in costs compared to what you paid last year, or even what your neighbors are paying for comparable use, then your air conditioner could definitely be losing some of its energy efficiency. Continue reading

The Best Systems for Purifying Your Indoor Air

Health experts state that indoor air quality is often much worse indoors than it is outdoors. This is particularly true during this time of the year. We like to keep our houses sealed up tightly in order to run our AC systems efficiently, but this means that any contaminants in the air are then trapped within your home.

You can help clean up the air in your home by installing an air purification system, but which one is best for your home? Continue reading