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The Advantages of Whole-House High Efficiency Air Filtration

Chances are, when you live somewhere that gets as sweltering hot in the summer as it does here, you use a central air conditioning unit. This provides a lot of relief from outdoor conditions, but can also be helping to negatively impact your indoor air quality. In fact, because houses are built so “tightly” to make our air conditioners more efficient, there often isn’t appropriate ventilation to allow for decent indoor air quality.

The thing is, when you use a whole-house air conditioner, the air blown out of your ducts stirs up pollutants and makes them airborne. You could also be experiencing duct leaks that make this problem even worse, allowing pollutants to negatively impact the ductwork itself. The good news is, there’s an answer to this problem: a whole-house high efficiency air filtration system. Continue reading