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Should You Have an Air Purifier Installed?

Your HVAC system comes with an air filter. Do you know its purpose? If you think it is to protect your indoor air quality, you’re only partially right. The primary function of this air filter is actually to protect the inside components of your HVAC system from dirt, debris, and other particles that can impact the performance of your system.

An electronic whole-house air purifier is what you should use if you truly want to improve and protect the quality of your indoor air. Keep reading to learn more about why we strongly recommend this indoor air quality product. Continue reading

Can Your HVAC System Help You Fight the Common Cold?

While the weather here may not get as bitterly cold as it does in other parts of the Midwest, that doesn’t mean we don’t get bombarded with the same health issues as the rest of the country during this time of year—that’s right, it is flu and cold season. The good news, there are steps you can take to stop illness, and your HVAC system can help!

That is, with the right indoor air quality product. Indoor air quality devices can handle germs as well as the conditions that help them reproduce. As a result, you’ll have a happier and healthier home this winter and for the years to come. Continue reading

The Best Systems for Purifying Your Indoor Air

Health experts state that indoor air quality is often much worse indoors than it is outdoors. This is particularly true during this time of the year. We like to keep our houses sealed up tightly in order to run our AC systems efficiently, but this means that any contaminants in the air are then trapped within your home.

You can help clean up the air in your home by installing an air purification system, but which one is best for your home? Continue reading