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Is Your New Air Conditioner the Right Size?

Do you need a new air conditioning system installed? Naturally, you might assume that the bigger the system, the more powerful it will be, and the best fit it will be for your home. Unfortunately, although this logic works for other appliances throughout your home, it is not the case for air conditioners. AC systems must be properly sized and installed by professionals—such as the members of our staff—to avoid problems.

Many premature air conditioning failures are actually causes by the way the AC unit was installed to start with. It’s important that when you go to buy an air conditioner, you understand just how our professionals complete a successful installation, while meeting the appropriate building codes and ensuring that you have the space to accommodate the system that you want. Continue reading

Buying a New AC: Why Efficiency Matters

Indiana homeowners know all too well that when summer hits, the heat and humidity is nothing to contend with, especially without a properly functioning air conditioner. If you are considering replacing an old and outdated air conditioner, it’s best to do it now before the heat really kicks in.

Among the various factors you should consider when replacing your air conditioner is the new system’s efficiency level, measured by a SEER rating. The higher this rating is, the more the system does with less—always an important factor to keep in mind. But what exactly does that mean? We’ve delved a little deeper into SEER ratings below Continue reading