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Duct Sealing Services in Schererville, IN

How airtight are the ducts in your home? If your air ducts are like those in most homes in this country, you can count on at least a little bit of air leakage as the cool or warm air moves through the ductwork—up to 30% air loss in the typical home. You end up paying quite a bit to cool or heat parts of the home you’re not even in, like the attic or a crawlspace. And you’re not even as comfortable as you should be.

Get professional air duct sealing, and get the air delivered right to the rooms of your home. No longer do you have to worry about longer AC and heating cycles, insufficient temperatures, poor indoor air quality, and all of the other problems that often result from air leaks. Contact Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning to get duct sealing for your home in the Schererville area so that your ductwork is sealed tightly and your comfort equipment works properly. We have been proudly serving Northwest Indiana since 1975!

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When Is It Time to Schedule Air Duct Sealing Service?

Sealing ductwork can help to solve many a heating and air conditioning issue, but how can you tell that your ducts are in need of service? Obviously, you cannot see the ducts from your living space, but there are some signs that will alert you to a potential problem within the ductwork that a technician can help you with.

  • High energy bills – While not necessarily a sign of poor duct sealing, it’s a likely contributor. Seal up the ducts in order to save some money on heating and cooling costs. Heat and air are delivered directly into your home instead of leaking out into the attic.
  • Uneven air distribution – This is a clear sign that there is something wrong with the ductwork (unless it means that there was something wrong with your HVAC system installation in the first place). When the air leaks out of certain parts of the ducts, one part of the home might be a lot less comfortable than the others.
  • Old ducts – If your aging ducts have not received any service in quite some time, it’s time to schedule service with a trained professional. Get your ductwork checked, find out about leaks or design flaws, and gain peace of mind over the performance of your ductwork.

Schedule Duct Sealing Service Today

Air duct sealing may help to lower your monthly bills, keep you more comfortable, allow for even air distribution, and get your HVAC system back in to shape for years to come. Remember, your discomfort could be due to a ductwork issue or it might have to do with a problem with your air conditioner or with your heater. Schedule duct sealing services with a trained professional to find out how your ducts perform.

Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in ductwork diagnosis and repair services in Schererville, IN. Too many HVAC companies overlook the ducts, which are so key to the performance of a heating and air conditioning system. Let us get your leaky ducts under control.

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