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Indoor Air Quality Services in Schererville, IN

Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning knows that the temperature of the air in your home is important, especially as it gets more difficult to maintain when temperatures reach extremes. But we also know that your family’s health is even more important. And when the indoor air quality is not quite right, it’s more likely that your health and wellness can suffer.

Call the indoor air quality specialists at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning to get the air quality system that helps to make you feel more comfortable and gets allergens and irritants out of the air. There are many different IAQ systems available to you, and you can get the one you need from our experts. Call us today to schedule duct insulation and sealing services, air filtration system installation, or whatever else you need for your home. We’re here to help you discover what’s right for your home in Schererville, IN. It’s all a matter of trust!

Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning

It's All a Matter of Pride

Our Indoor Air Quality Products

We install and service all of the following indoor air quality products. Call our experienced team for more information!

  • Air Filtration SystemsQuality air filters can only remove so many contaminants from the air, but an air filtration system goes into your HVAC system to remove even more of the allergens and irritants that affect your air quality.
  • Air PurifiersAn electronic air purifier uses an ionization process to charge particles so that they attract to a surface of an opposite charge.
  • Heat Recovery VentilatorsA heat recovery ventilator brings in fresh air without affecting your energy bills in a significant way.
  • Energy Recovery VentilatorsAn energy recovery ventilator brings in fresh air without affecting humidity levels in the home.
  • HumidifiersWhole–home humidifiers help to cure your dry air and help you recover from illness.
  • Smoke DetectorsThese are an important safety feature of any home, and something you cannot afford to go without.

Our Duct Services

We specialize in diagnosing duct issues and finding solutions that allow for better airflow into your home. The ductwork needs to be balanced in order for you to feel comfortable throughout the home. Too many leaks in the ducts allow for air to move into the unoccupied areas, like crawlspaces or the attic. And a lack of insulation means that heat can easily transfer into and out of the ducts, making heating and cooling more difficult. Call our team today for duct services in Schererville, IN, and you might find that you can save some money and feel more comfortable.

Call Us for Indoor Air Quality Systems and Services

When you call Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning, you’re in touch with a quality team of people who truly care about your health and comfort. We want to see that your indoor air quality is up to par, and we will work to get you the right system or service for your home in Schererville. Whether that means duct sealing services, a humidifier, or a whole–home air purifier, you need professionals to get it done. Let us handle all of your indoor air quality needs. We strive to provide excellent customer service with every single call. You can count on a positive experience when you work with our team. It’s all a matter of pride!

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