Should You Have a Humidifier Installed This Winter?

Although weather conditions in recent weeks tell us a different story, as we edge closer to winter our climate tends to dry out, to the point that we can be pretty uncomfortable both outside and indoors.

So while you’re preparing for winter by having your heating system maintained and dragging your heavy bedding and blankets down from the attic, don’t forget another very important part of home comfort—your indoor air quality.

The Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier

Perhaps you’ve gotten by before with a portable humidifier that you fill up with water and place in a single room to add some moisture to it. However if you truly want comfort and relief from dry air in your entire home, then you need a whole-house humidifier. This system is integrated into your HVAC system and is as convenient as it is helpful.

What’s Wrong with Dry Air?

There are many reasons why you should invest in a whole-house humidifier. For one, the dry air caused by low relative humidity causes the cold and flu to spread more easily, meaning you and your family are more likely to get sick over the winter. Also, dry air makes already cold temperatures seem even colder, making you turn up your heater and causing it to work harder than it should have to.

Additionally, dry air causes occupants to experience dry skin, dry lips, eye irritation, and other symptoms. Static electricity is rampant, as well. While it may have been fun as a kid to slide around on the carpet on a dry day and shock your siblings, it’s slightly less amusing as an adult! Lastly, dry air can cause wood furniture and fixtures in your home to begin drying out and splintering.

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