Can Your HVAC System Help You Fight the Common Cold?

While the weather here may not get as bitterly cold as it does in other parts of the Midwest, that doesn’t mean we don’t get bombarded with the same health issues as the rest of the country during this time of year—that’s right, it is flu and cold season. The good news, there are steps you can take to stop illness, and your HVAC system can help!

That is, with the right indoor air quality product. Indoor air quality devices can handle germs as well as the conditions that help them reproduce. As a result, you’ll have a happier and healthier home this winter and for the years to come.

Winter Cold Problems

Your sinuses serve as your body’s main defense against contracting colds as well as flu bugs. However, if the air gets too dry, your sinuses then dry up, reducing your immunity to germs. Winter tends to dry out the air, and the low humidity creates a number of irritants from static electricity to chapped lips. These are minor in comparison to the infections and illnesses you can suffer from as a result, though.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

In order to combat germs in your homes and reduce the chance of illness, we have two indoor air quality products that we recommend that can stop the germs themselves and elevate humidity levels to ensure that your body’s defenses aren’t vulnerable.

UV Air Purifier: This system is installed within your ductwork and eliminates mold and mildew development at the source, so that it never enters your indoor air.

Whole-House Humidifier: This elevates the ambient moisture levels in your home to disrupt the spread of germs otherwise encouraged by dry air. Help your family enjoy the winter seasons by eliminating the chance of illness.

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