How to Care for Your HVAC System between Tune-Ups

No matter what type of heating or cooling system you have in your home, it’s vital that you schedule routine maintenance so that our expert technicians can fully inspect, clean, and adjust your system and its component on a regular basis.

Doing so will ensure that it works as effectively and efficiently as it should for as long as it should. But something very important to remember is that you can’t just neglect your HVAC system between maintenance appointments. There are a couple tasks that you can and should be doing on your own—one of those being to change your air filter. Keep reading to learn more about what a dirty air filter does to your air conditioner or heater.

Just How Important is a Clean Air Filter?

Imagine this: your air filter is all clogged up with dirt and debris, restricting airflow. In this scenario, it would be impossible for your heating or cooling system to operate at its peak performance or efficiency level. This is because when your filter is clogged and airflow is restricted, the HVAC system will need to work harder than it would normally have to in order to distribute conditioned air through the home and the filter.

The extra stress that your HVAC system will have to go through will drive down your energy deficiency, leaving you responsible for higher energy costs even though you’ll have reduced comfort levels. Additionally, excessive strain on your HVAC system can lead to excessive wear and tear.

Overall, skipping this very easy maintenance task can lead to the increased risk of operational problems, damages, and premature system breakdown. One example of a problem you might face is with your evaporator coil, If airflow is restricted then the evaporator coil may not be able to draw heat out of the air running over it via the refrigerant cycle.

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