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Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Valparaiso, IN

Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning

It's All a Matter of Pride

Your heating and air conditioning systems are investments in your home comfort, and it’s important that you take care of these investments so that you can continue to stay cozy and healthy. Let the experts at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning handle your next AC and heating systems repair, maintenance, replacement, or installation service, and trust that the job will be completed correctly. Our courteous HVAC contractors treat you with respect, and they have enough training to handle any job, big or small, professionally and correctly. We install and service central air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless systems, gas and electric furnaces, boilers, radiant systems, and indoor air quality equipment. Get excellent service in Valparaiso from our team. It’s all a matter of pride!

Heating in Valparaiso, IN

Your heating system is something you cannot think about going without when the conditions outside are frigid. Call the experts at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning for your home heating needs, and you’ll get service from friendly local technicians with many years of experience and training. We can repair the system in a timely manner or provide maintenance services for prevention and efficiency. We specialize in boiler systems and services, but we also provide service for gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal systems, thermostats, and more.

Noises from the Boiler

Is your boiler making loud banging or rumbling noises that have you feeling alarmed? Most likely, this is due to an excess of sediment (scaling) in the boiler tank, as steam bubbles attempt to rise past the buildup. We can provide maintenance services to keep your boiler scale under control, or repairs when the problem becomes serious. We also provide boiler installation and replacement.

Choosing between Gas and Electric Furnaces

Typically, we recommend a gas furnace over an electric furnace in any home where this is a possibility. An electric furnace would simply cost you too much to run from month to month due to the high cost of using this energy source. Gas furnaces are less expensive to run, and they fit into most homes. However, electric furnaces are a good option, especially for those with very few options, and they are safe and relatively inexpensive to install.

Our Air Conditioning Services

We offer excellent air conditioning maintenance packages for residents of Valparaiso and the surrounding areas. Your maintenance plan includes priority service, advanced scheduling, and discounts on repairs, as well as annual maintenance visits, which can help to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and make it perform better. Your air conditioner may not need as many repairs with routine maintenance service, but we’ll be here to provide AC repair in Valparaiso when it does. And we offer some of the finest products for central air conditioning installation and replacement. 

Reasons for Poor Indoor Air Quality

There are a number of things that can affect the indoor air quality in a building. Poorly sealed ducts can allow for certain contaminants to enter through the attic or crawlspace, and these holes, along with poor duct insulation, can also lower the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. The indoor air quality can also be affected by low levels of humidity in the winter that prolong illness, or by pollen, dander, and other allergens and irritants. We have a number of systems, including humidifiers, air purifiers, and air filtration systems, to help solve these problems. 

When to Schedule Duct Insulation

When the ducts are poorly insulated, it might not be something you can recognize right away. If it’s been a long time since anyone has taken a look at your insulation or the ducts in your home, we recommend taking care of this soon. Poor insulation around the ducts may be costing you, as may holes and cracks in the ductwork, but we can help to solve these issues. Call us today for duct sealing and duct insulation services.

What Humidifiers Help with

Whole–home humidifiers help to solve a number of problems within an HVAC system or in a home. Often, people turn up the heat more and more to try to save comfortable, when what they need is better humidity control. A whole–home humidifier could help to cut down on your energy bills. In addition, a humidifier helps with dry skin, chapped lips, and can even help you recover from an illness faster.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

We install both smoke detectors and CO detectors, two fixtures that help to protect your home in a major way. You might not notice right away when a fire starts, and a smoke detector helps you and your family members to get out of the house faster. Carbon monoxide detectors help to defend you from the dangers of CO poisoning, something that’s possible in any home in Schererville, but especially those with gas appliances. Call for installation.

Your Options for Water Heaters

When you’re selecting a new water heater, you may decide to go with a conventional tank water heater. Despite the other available options, this is still a viable choice. You can expect it to hold up for many years, operating smoothly without a huge cost to you. However, a tankless water heater is more efficient, using less energy because it doesn’t remain on, heating water throughout the day, like a tank water heater does. Call today to learn more about your water heater installation options or to schedule service.

Our Commercial HVAC Services in Valparaiso, IN

Can you imagine getting through a workday without a working HVAC system? We certainly couldn’t. We know that when an air conditioner or heater stops working on a commercial property, you need the problem fixed fast. We can get there on time to check out the issue, diagnose it quickly, present you with your options for repair or replacement, and get started on the job. Contact our team today and get quality work at a fair price from skilled commercial HVAC specialists in Valparaiso.

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