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Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Lowell, IN

Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning

It's All a Matter of Pride

Your new go–to Lowell, IN air conditioning and heating contractors are at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning. We specialize in providing home comfort solutions, going above and beyond to provide quality customer service and excellent workmanship. When your air conditioning system and your heater are in good shape, you feel more comfortable, you save some money on monthly utilities, and you may notice that you don’t have to make so many repairs. Call us for quality installations and maintenance services, or contact our team with any questions you may have. Excellent customer service is what we strive for. It’s all a matter of pride!

Heating Maintenance Helps Your System

Annual heating maintenance visits help to see to it that your heating system operates as efficiently and smoothly as possible. With the right amount of heating maintenance, you might notice a rise in the efficiency of your heating system this year, and you may make fewer repairs. In addition, heating maintenance plans are available from Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning to Lowell, IN residents. Maintenance plans include savings on repairs, priority service, advanced scheduling for maintenance visits, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Servicing Boilers Is a Tough Job

In order to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone in the building, extra care must be taken when someone is repairing or installing a boiler. You don’t want to risk any excessive pressure buildup, a leak, or a gas leak, so make sure that you’ve got trained technicians working on your system. Call us for more details about boiler services and to set up an appointment with a specialist.

Should You Consider an Electric Furnace?

Usually, an electric furnace is not the right choice for a home, especially if you had a gas furnace before. Electric furnaces use a lot of electricity, resulting in high energy bills which add up over time. For a climate with harsh winters, a gas furnace is typically the better choice, but electric furnaces could be ideal for someone with no gas service. Call us to hear about all of your heating system options.

Thermostats Contribute to Comfort

Your thermostat is both the temperature sensor for the entire HVAC system and the way you communicate your ideal temperature settings and scheduling. If the thermostat isn’t set up just right, it might get a false read of the temperature in the room, which means poor efficiency and comfort. Get a quality thermostat from us, and let us install it properly the first time.

Call Our NATE–Certified Air Conditioning Experts

We have a team of NATE–certified experts here at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning and this is one of the most well–received certifications in the HVAC industry. Technicians with HVAC certifications are widely regarded for training and skill with heating units and central air conditioning systems. So when your air conditioner breaks down, just call our experts and expect quality work. We can repair your blower fan, clean your coil, replace an entire heat pump or ductless AC system, and take care of whatever we can do to keep your home cool.

Indoor Air Quality and Your Wellbeing

When you’re suffering from allergy symptoms, you may take medicine and make doctor’s visits to make it go away. But if symptoms persist or get worse inside of your home, there’s something else you should try as well. An indoor air quality system from Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning may offer relief. You can get a humidifier to help with the discomfort of dry air. Energy recovery ventilators bring fresh air into a space. And an air purifier or air filtration system may get rid of pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and more.

Why Add Duct Insulation

You may wonder what the value of duct insulation is when the air is only in your ducts for a short period of time. As warm air from your heater moves through the ducts of your home, some of it can escape out to the various parts of your home you don’t use–crawlspaces, for example. A layer of insulation with a high R–value helps the ducts to retain heat, so you only pay to heat the space you actually live in, for greater comfort and higher efficiency.

All about Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are vital for the protection of your family members. And they are required by law in all households. As smoke starts to fill the room, it blocks a light sensor within the detector unit, setting off an alarm that alerts you to get out fast. You can learn more about the types of smoke detectors we carry and all about the local requirements in Lowell, IN by giving us a call.

Can a New Water Heater Make a Difference?

Your old water heater was not running very efficiently. It may have been responsible for your high energy bills, and you could not always rely on it to provide hot water. You might have run out too soon, or you might have noticed that hot water came through the faucet only sporadically. Will a new water heater be any better? Only if you schedule water heater installation with a professional. Your old unit was likely poorly sized for your needs. But if you get a properly sized tank or an on–demand tankless water heater, you’re sure to notice a difference.

Commercial HVAC Services from Trustworthy Folks

Your commercial property and everyone who lives, works, and shops there, needs you to maintain it and ensure business runs smoothly. And you rely on us to provide the services that help to keep the environment ideal. We offer commercial air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services. We’ve got a team of experts on staff with training on systems 25 tons and under, which covers many of the businesses’ systems in the area. Count on us for excellent service from trustworthy local technicians.

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