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Radiant Systems and Service in Schererville, IN

Your home’s heating needs may be different than your neighbors’ needs, which means you need more than just a cookie-cutter solution for your next heating installation. Radiant systems are perfect for those without ductwork and without the ability to install a gas furnace, the most popular heating system in the nation. In fact, many people notice that radiant heating systems keep them more comfortable than furnaces or other forced-air heaters, since they emit heat directly into the room.

Get a radiant heating installation that works for your home from the experts at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning. Or schedule radiant heating services when your system ceases to work properly. We install and service radiant systems that use electric heating elements, as well as those that use a boiler and hot water system to transfer heat from the floorboards. Call us for more information or to schedule services in Schererville, IN.

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Your Radiant Heating Installation Options

You can call professionals for radiant heating installation if you have no air ducts, or if you simply want to upgrade to a system that keeps you more comfortable. But keep in mind that you have two options when it comes to radiant heat systems. There are those that use electric heating elements and those that use hot water to warm a room.

Electric radiant heating systems may cost more to run, since electricity is not exactly cheap. However, the radiant heating panels are highly effective, heating a room quickly. They are not noisy, and there is no bulky equipment to deal with after they are secured in the walls and/or floors. They typically hold up for several decades of regular use.

Hydronic heating systems are costlier to install, and it does require you to have a boiler tank. The tank heats up the water, which then pumps through a set of pipes that lead underneath your floorboards. You feel the heat radiate into the room, and you don’t pay too much for the system to operate. 

Either choice provides excellent whole–home comfort, but sizing, efficiency, and the cost of installation are all of concern as well. Speak with a technician to find the best option for you.

Service Your Radiant Heater Soon

Radiant heating systems can withstand quite a bit, often lasting for several decades without much trouble at all. However, that doesn’t mean you should skip an annual maintenance visit. This is mainly important for boiler systems, in which scale can build up without routine service and cause trouble for the system.

If a part of your home has warm and cool patches, we recommend that you don’t wait too long before calling a technician. The people at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning can restore your heating system or find you suitable replacement parts so that you’re not stuck without heating on a cold winter’s night. Trust a company that has been family owned and operated since 1975. Call the experts at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your radiant heating needs in Schererville. We specialize in providing excellent service. It’s all a matter of pride!

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