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Heat Pump Systems and Service in Schererville, IN

The heat pump is a high-efficiency whole-home heating and air conditioning system in one, something that many homeowners can benefit from but that few actually know much about. A good heat pump installed by professional technicians who have plenty of experience can provide you with complete whole-home comfort year round (though sometimes, you need the help of a backup heater in very cold temperatures). 

You can find a high-efficiency heat pump from the technicians at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning. We have plenty of experience installing and servicing these systems, so we would be glad to answer any questions you may have prior to scheduling the installation. And, of course, we offer complete heat pump replacement, repair, and maintenance services as well. You can count on us to provide quality service, in part because we’ve been doing this job for so long. We have been proudly serving Northwest Indiana since 1975, so call our reliable team for heat pump installation and service in Schererville or a surrounding area.

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How a Heat Pump Works

Typically, your heater and your air conditioner are completely separate from one another, although they are located in the same area and may use the same blower fan. Often, you have a gas furnace for heating and a separate split–system air conditioner that can only provide cooling.

A heat pump looks a lot like a central split–system air conditioner because it has a large outdoor compressor unit and an indoor blower assembly and coil unit. In fact, it works just like a central air conditioner—when it’s hot outside. In cooling mode, refrigerant moves around the system, absorbing heat from the indoor air as it evaporates and then releasing heat outside when the refrigerant condenses.

This heat exchange process is what allows the heat pump to cool in the same way a conventional AC does. The difference is in the addition of extra valves that allow for cooling as well. The reversing valve allows refrigerant to move in the other direction, absorbing heat from outside and moving this heat indoors. This should work well even as temperatures approach freezing.

Our Heat Pump Services

Contact the friendly people at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning for heat pump installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services. When it comes to repair and replacement, we deal with the top brands, but we can service any make or model you may already have in your home. Your heat pump system is vital to your home comfort, so don’t leave services in the hands of an amateur.

Our maintenance services can actually help to prevent the need for heat pump repair. When you schedule heat pump maintenance with a skilled expert, you may not need to make any major repairs in the near future, and you may notice better performance and efficiency. We’ll do a tune–up and a thorough inspection as well, so that we can inform you if we do find anything wrong within the system that you should get repaired. Expect honesty, integrity, and quality service in Schererville from the specialists at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning. It’s all a matter of pride!

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