Should You Have a Heat Pump Installed?

There are many reasons to consider a heat pump as your next cooling system installation. First off, you want to invest in a system that gives you the most for your money, and one that will be energy efficient and won’t eat up your energy costs.

Heat pumps not only provide an alternative to fuel-based heating systems, they are also phenomenal air conditioning systems. Keep reading to discover some of the many benefits of having a heat pump installed.


It’s no secret that HVAC systems require maintenance. This is true for any type of heating or cooling system. But the good thing about heat pump maintenance is that it’s not as complex as maintenance for combustion based heating systems. Regular heat pump maintenance, however, will ensure your system performs as well as possible for as long as possible.


Heat pumps use minimal electricity in their operation since they do not generate heat. Rather, they make use of existing heat in the air either outside or inside and transfer it to where it’s needed to either provide heating or cooling for your home.


Heat pumps have the potential to last longer than some traditional air conditioning system solutions. In fact, as long as your heat pump is maintained on a regular basis and installed by a professional, it can last 15 years or more. This equates to an extremely reliable and consistent source of both heat and cooling throughout the years.


Heat pumps, as you may have guessed, are not just for heating. Heat pump systems use refrigerant to move heat from one space to another. They move heat outdoors to indoors in the winter, and do the opposite in the summer, making them effective all year long.

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