The Time Has Come: Schedule Your Heating Maintenance Appointment Today

With the weather not even dipping below 60 degrees at night, it may seem too early to start thinking about your heater. In fact, you’re probably still using your cooling system on quite a regular basis. However, the best time to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system is before you are going to need to use it, therefore making now the best time to schedule your appointment.

Routine preventive maintenance ensures that your heating system runs more efficiently. It also reduces the risk of huge emergency repairs later on down the line. Keep reading to learn more about the numerous benefits that this service offers.

Thorough Cleaning

Each individual component in your heater plays an important role. If even one is covered with too much dirt and grime, it’s can’t perform as it should. For example, if your evaporator coil is obstructed with dust, then it won’t be able to absorb heat. Or if your furnace has a dirty burner, it won’t be able to generate heat. Without keeping these parts clean, your heating system will fail to work effectively.

Appropriate Adjustments

Over the years, the various components of your heating system may become loose or damaged. For instance, you may have a bent flame sensor or a loose panel. These things wouldn’t necessarily render your heater ineffective right away, but over time it can cause a domino effect within your heater, and lead to a full system breakdown. By checking and adjusting these components on a yearly basis, our team can help you stay on top of issues so you don’t have to worry about a bigger problem later on.

Comprehensive Inspection

Our professionals will conduct a full inspection of your heating system to ensure that everything is working as properly as it should be. In addition to cleaning and adjusting the numerous components, they’ll check to see if any repairs are needed. Taking care of these repairs as soon as they crop up will help extend the life of your system and save you money.

To schedule your Valparaiso, IN heater maintenance appointment today, just give Earl’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call.