Is Heating Maintenance Really Worth It?

We have written in the past about how important maintenance is, listing some of the many benefits of such a service. It’s cooling off now, so if you haven’t scheduled this appointment yet, now is the time to do so. Of course, you may be hesitating because you don’t see the value of regular maintenance. On the contrary though, maintenance is essential for your heating system. Keep reading to learn why.


This point is especially pertinent if your heater is powered by gas: an annual inspection from a licensed HVAC technician—such as any of the members of our staff—is vital to ensuring the safety of your system. There are a few repair issues that if not addressed soon enough could lead to unsafe conditions, ranging from a cracked heat exchanger to a gas leak or a blocked flue. There’s no need to worry yourself about the safety of your heater and the safety of your family if your system is appropriately maintained.

Longer Service Life

No matter how often you use your heating system during the year, any amount of use will lead to wear and tear on the heater. Maintenance keeps age from catching up with your heating system too quickly, allowing you to enjoy a better return on your investment in your heater.

Saves Money

Letting your heating system go year after year without inspections, cleaning, and adjustments forces it to drain more power than necessary in order to function. Preventive maintenance protects the efficiency of your heater, allowing you to save money every time you run it.

Reduces the Chance of Breakdowns

A broken down heater is not only a large inconvenience, but it can be uncomfortable and even unhealthy on the coldest of winter days. Fortunately, this problem is easy to avoid with proper maintenance.

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