Do You Cover Your Air Conditioner Each Winter?

As the heating season quickly approaches, it’s time to begin thinking about furnaces, boilers, etc. If you haven’t already scheduled heater maintenance this year, now is the time to do so! But this doesn’t mean you should forget about your air conditioner all together as the cooler temperatures hit. After all, you want your AC to be in good shape when spring rolls around again.

There are companies out there that claim that wrapping your air conditioner when it’s not in use if incredibly important, while others say it can actually damage the system. In the long run, it comes down to where your home is located and the conditions of your environment. But we recommend some sort of protection over your condenser—it’s a good idea as long as you do it correctly.

Using a Full Cover

Many homeowners are concerned about the fins or the casing of their condenser unit and choose to use a full cover. This is fine, but you should make sure it’s made of a breathable material. A large trash bag may cover your condenser, but this is not suitable. Non-breathable materials such as this can trap moisture inside the unit, causing rust and other issues.

This is especially true on sunny days during the winter—your condenser unit will be trapped in a humid environment that’s essential for the development of mold and mildew. Additionally, this warmer area makes a great home for rodents, which can lead to chewed wires and significant electrical system damage.

If You Don’t Want to Use a Full Cover

If you’re concerned that a full cover will harm your AC unit, then you could cover your condenser unit with a sheet of plywood. This will prevent debris from falling into your unit—such as pine needles, leaves, ice, or snow. You can simply place a brick on top to hold it in place. This will also effectively keep out rain.

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