What Are the Advantages of a Zone Control Cooling System?

When you live in an area such as ours, you know how important it is to have an efficiently working air conditioner during the summer. As this warm season quickly approaches, it’s time to consider if your central air conditioning system needs a little help making your indoor environment as comfortable as possible.

One setback of using central AC is that it delivers cooling to your entire living space without exception. This means unoccupied rooms in your home receive wasted, conditioned air. Central cooling systems can be pretty wasteful if you can’t control the rooms that receive conditioned air. The good new is that you can, with a zone control system.

What Is This?

Zone control cooling systems are comprised of a series of dampers which are installed into your air ducts. The dampers can seal off sections of your ducts so that air doesn’t flow through all of the vents. Each damper also has a local thermostat used to operate it. Each thermostat is hooked up to a central control panel, which can operate each of the different temperature “zones” throughout your home.

The Benefits of Zone Control

The biggest benefit of using a zone control system paired with your central cooling system is the energy savings you’ll see. Since you will only need to cool the rooms that need it at the time rather than conditioning unoccupied space, you’ll cut down on your energy use, and thus your utility bills.

Another advantage of this system is that it allows each member of your household to control their own cooling. Typically, different household members have different cooling preferences. A zone controlled cooling system allows them to set their own temperature. Plus, you can set temperatures to match the function of a room—for example while you might want to lower the temperature in a kitchen you probably don’t want it too cold in a baby’s room.

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