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Thermostat Systems and Service in Schererville, IN

The thermostat is the one part of your heating and air conditioning system that you interact with the most. And yet, so many people have thermostats in place that are not exactly ideal in terms of usability and energy efficiency. Older manual models frustrate homeowners and make it harder for them to save money on heating and air conditioning. If you’re tired of your older thermostat that makes it difficult to get the temperature just right, it’s time for an upgrade, whether or not you are replacing your AC and heating equipment.

Call the friendly team at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your thermostat installation or replacement in Schererville today. We can present you with programmable options and smart thermostat options that will have you saying goodbye to that old model for good. 

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Upgrade Your Thermostat Today

Manual thermostats are those that use dials or sliders to adjust the temperature settings, rather than having a clear digital display and buttons as controls. These older models are a bit annoying to use. Often, you’re not quite sure whether or not the slider is really at the temperature you think it is. You might make frequent adjustments to the system, which wears down the heating and AC equipment faster. 

And if you leave your heater or air conditioner on throughout the day by accident, there’s nothing you can do. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat replacement gets rid of that frustration. You can be sure of the temperature, and you can make changes in advance so you don’t forget to do so before you leave the house.

Types of Thermostats Available

Today, there are so many different thermostats available on the market, and one of them is sure to meet your needs. A quality thermostat helps you to achieve more efficient heating and cooling with programmable settings that make sure you’ve got it set for efficiency well in advance. Today, you don’t even have to have your thermostat wired in, as wireless thermostat models are just as readily available.

You may choose to go with a standard programmable thermostat, and this is always an excellent choice if you’re upgrading from a manual thermostat or one without any programming settings. You can preset the AC and heat to come on and off while you are away for maximum energy savings.

Another innovative option is the smart thermostat. Smart thermostats connect to the Wi–Fi in your home. Download an application to your smart phone or tablet, and you can control the temperature from anywhere you have an internet connection!

Why Choose Professionals for Thermostat Installation

We know that a thermostat installation may seem like something that is simple to do. Looking at a thermostat, you wouldn’t think that it would be too difficult to put in. But you need to be sure that it is properly integrated into your home and that it actually works with the heating and air conditioning equipment you have installed, as well as any indoor air quality products you’d like it to control. Furthermore, if it’s not in the right location, some of the heat surrounding the thermostat may throw off its reading, resulting in an inaccurate representation of the temperatures in your home.

Call Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning and get the job done right. It’s all a matter of pride!

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